The benefits of meditation, massage, and a little stillness

Chill can do a lot of things.
And we may be biased, but we think they all fall squarely on the positive side of the list.
Meditation has more scientifically proven benefits than we can count.

It’s stress reducing, sleep enhancing, immune boosting.

It’s good for your heart, your circulation, your blood pressure.

It’s good for your happiness, your brain quickness, your sex life.

We think there’s also great value in just sitting still with your eyes closed for a little while.
Stillness is the new Xanax.
Not feeling meditation right now? No problem.
Grab a massage (which also has a million benefits — but you already knew that).
Or grab a healthy refreshment.
Or a pick up a gift for your very best friend to make their day as good as yours.