Cameron Sage

Customer Relations

Morning ritual: Snuggling with my mini schnauzer

Indulgence: Peanut M & M's

Source of inspiration: My grandma

Sunday soundtrack: Beyoncé

Most admired character trait: Humor

Most loved Chicago spot: Lake Shore Park

I Chill because: It keeps me grounded


Cari Rogers

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Food philosophy: Food is medicine. Eat the rainbow. Indulge here and there

Latest purchase: A really nice vacuum cleaner

Life philosophy: Life is a daring adventure or nothing!  - Helen Keller

Most loved Chicago spot: The Garfield Park Conservatory on chilly days and biking the lakefront to the South Shore Cultural Center when it's warmer

Secret talent: Ukulele serenades

Dusk or Dawn?: Dawn. I love being awake before the city fully comes to life

I Chill because: My mind / body / spirit deserve it


Claire Mark

Co-Founder / Co-Head of Teacher Training / Meditation + Yoga Guide

Indulgence: Good chocolate

Source of inspiration: The universe

Proudest moment: Still to come

Latest purchase: The book series of Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Tickle

Most repeated intention: Slow down, create joy

Most loved Chicago spot: The beach

Coffee or tea?: Tea. Definitely tea

I Chill because: It helps me be a better daughter, sister, mother, friend, partner, human


Darrell Jones

Co-Head of Teacher Training and Programming / Meditation Guide

Morning ritual: 15 minutes of meditation

Evening ritual: Gratitude for the day

Source of inspiration: People living in their purpose

Food philosophy: Eat good things

Sunday soundtrack: Instrumental hip-hop and classic soul

Reading recommendation: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

I Chill because: It keeps me sane


Emily Thornton

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Secret talent: Silly rhyming poetry

Indulgence: New shoes

Sunday Soundtrack: Sam Cooke, Etta James, Tom Petty 

Food philosophy: Eat plants, eat local, eat when you're hungry, share what you can

Reading recommendation: James Baldwin's old New Yorker articles

Retreat: The beach. Any beach

I Chill because: I have the privilege to be able to and the reverberations of self-care are limitless


Erica Bray

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Morning ritual: Brush (always), floss (sometimes), meditate (always)

Evening ritual: Glass of red wine

Source of inspiration: Nature

Life philosophy: It's more fun to say YES

Favorite El stop: Paulina brown line

Retreat: Anywhere with mountains and trees

I Chill because: Making space to not-do makes me better at doing


Jose Ortiz

Massage Manager

Morning ritual: Find the sun before it finds me

Indulgence: Bread

Love philosophy: Don't be stingy! Pay it forward and it will come back around to you

Favorite El stop: Belmont, the great melting pot

Most loved Chicago spot: Cricket Hill

Coffee or tea?: Coffee

I Chill because: It promotes patience


Julianne Farrell

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Proudest moment: Seeing my children flourish

Indulgence: Napping

Latest purchase: Ohm tuning forks

Sunday soundtrack: Soul

Most admired character trait: Kindness

Most loved Chicago spot: The beach

I Chill because: It unites me with my true nature


Kelsey Merdian

Store Manager / Meditation Guide

Source of inspiration: My parents

Life philosophy: If you knew everyone's life story, you would love them not hate them

Favorite El stop: Addison red line

Sunday soundtrack: The Lumineers

Most admired character trait: Honesty

Most repeated intention: I am loved

I Chill because: It makes me better


Kimberly Dunn

Co-Head of Teacher Training and Programming / Meditation + Yoga Guide

Morning ritual: RPM (rise, pee, meditate)

Indulgence: French wine

Proudest moment: Becoming a mom of twin girls

Secret talent: Poker

Love philosophy: Love experiences, not things

I Chill because: It helps me stay focused, lighthearted, and calm no matter what life throws my way


Laura Sage

Co-Founder + CEO

Indulgence: 100% unplugging

Sleep position: Any sleep = good sleep

Morning ritual: Early to rise

Evening ritual: Early to bed

Favorite movie: Out of Africa

Most admired trait: Honesty

Dusk or dawn?: Dawn

I Chill because: It makes me a more thoughtful, patient, creative, and healthy person


Marilé Piccirilli


Sunday soundtrack: Gustavo Cerati

Indulgence: Ice cream

Latest purchase: Steel tongue drum

Food philosophy: Less packaging, more freshness

Most admired character trait: The ability to continue learning

Favorite season: Summer

I Chill because: It is part of a giant constellation


Monica Bren

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Morning ritual: Warm water with lemon. Shower. Meditate.

Indulgence: Dark chocolate

Secret talent: Pool

Proudest moment: Finding my calling to help others

Latest purchase: Internet

Most loved Chicago spot: Bridgeport

I Chill because: If I didn't, I wouldn't be serving the universe as intended


Nadège Rochelemagne

Massage Therapist

Indulgence: Wine and dark chocolate

Proudest moment: Navigating Kathmandu

Food philosophy: French is best

Love philosophy: Unconditional

Most loved Chicago spot: Montrose Beaches bird sanctuary

Coffee or tea?: Both

I Chill because: So I can fully absorb my experience


Nicole Gilbertson

General Manager + Meditation Guide

Indulgence: Naps

Retreat: Northwoods of Wisconsin

Secret talent: Pop culture trivia knowledge

Love philosophy: It's a verb!

Most loved Chicago spot: Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool

Zodiac sign: Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant

I Chill because: It helps me meet my day as it comes


Rajni Tripathi

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Evening ritual: Tomorrow's to-do list

Indulgence: Chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Source of inspiration: TedTalks

Proudest moment: Completing my 500 hour teacher training. It was a hell of a year!

Life philosophy: The purpose of life is a life of purpose. - R. Byrne

Favorite movie: The Devil Wears Prada or Minions

I Chill because: My nervous system appreciates it, as does my partner, plants, and cats


Rhonda Duffaut

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Morning ritual: Breath exercises before breakfast

Indulgence: A good espresso drink

Latest purchase: "Color the Classics" from The Art Institute of Chicago

Favorite movie: Pink Panther

Most admired character trait: Calm

Most loved Chicago spot: Overlooking the lake at Fullerton

I Chill because: It helps me see the beauty in life


Rogan Motis

Meditation + Yoga Guide

Morning ritual: Make a cup of tea. Meditate. Visualize my day. Read the news.

Secret talent: I actually know how many licks it takes to reach the center of a tootsie pop

Favorite season: Back to school season at Target

Favorite El stop: 18th Street on the Pink line

Dusk or dawn?: I don't like binaries

Coffee or tea?: All of it

I Chill because: It is the only true reality I know


Steven Andrew 

Remote Meditation + Yoga Guide

Indulgence: Chocolate (I'm into the dark stuff)

Source of inspiration: My friends

Proudest moment: Completing my first Chicago Marathon

Food philosophy: Go big or go home

Life philosophy: What we imagine, we create

Love philosophy: If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you

Most admired character trait: Loyalty

I Chill because: Being mindful is sexy

Susan Lipshutz, LCSW

Meditation Advisor + Guide

Morning ritual: Greeting the day with gratitude

Retreat: Mexico!

Proudest moment: Raising two empowered beautiful daughters

Secret talent: I can bake a pretty decent apple pie

Most loved Chicago spot: The trail from Belmont Harbor to Oak Street Beach

Coffee or tea?: First one, then the other

I Chill because: It's good for me!