Gina Harris, Gong Immersion Instructor, Unity Dialogues Founder


Gina is an educator, peacemaker, and true architect of change. After 15 years in corporate life, she followed her passion and added a Masters of Teaching to her MBA. An internationally certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and a certified restorative justice practices facilitator and trainer, Gina founded Unity Dialogues, a circle process where students and adults learn from each other and grow from authentic, open dialogue about race and unity development. Gina has been teaching yoga and playing the gong for almost 10 years and practicing for 30. Her first Kundalini yoga class included the gong and all she could think was, "How do I get closer to that?!" She found an answer to that question and now facilitates the monthly gong sound meditation at Chill for a nearly-always-sold-out class.

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