Fall Meditation + Wellness Retreat

November 2 - 4, 2018

New Buffalo, Michigan

We could all use a little calm before the holiday storm. 

Registration for June 2019 Deer Valley, Utah retreat opening soon.


Life is crazy. Make time for calm.

It’s so hard to carve out dedicated, intentional time for yourself. Our calendars have a mind of their own, don’t they? Schedule time for yourself before the holidays take over. Join us for a weekend of meditation, yoga, nutrition, and integrative health discussions with Chill Co-Founder Claire Mark, Chill General Manager Darrell Jones, gong immersion instructor Gina Harris, and registered dietitian and certified health coach Barbie Boules.

Paying attention in the moment is an art. And like any craft, mindfulness requires practice to hone your skills until it becomes second nature. You’ll work with Chicago’s top wellness experts to learn how to infuse mindfulness into everyday activities. From the way we move our bodies to how we choose our food, there is always an opportunity to center ourselves in the moment. 

This retreat is for anyone looking to create a little extra space to breathe and add more intention to their choices. Whether you’re kickstarting your meditation practice, are a zen expert, or fall somewhere in the middle, there’s a cushion waiting for you on our retreat.

Modern wellness


Sessions, taught by Darrell Jones and Claire Mark, will infuse tangible, mindful tools you’ll be able to apply to everyday life when you head home.  Intention setting, visualization, focused breathing, and movement are techniques we’ll use to strengthen our practice.


Claire Mark will lead classes to deepen the mind + body connection. The core of her class will be vinyasa yoga, focusing on alignment and moving in sync with your breath.

Sound meditation

Experience the music of the gong, an ancient healing tool that impacts every system in our bodies. Led by Gina Harris, our gong classes regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system for an immediate release of tension. 


Eating well begins with understanding what’s right for you. It should be about pleasure and nourishment, not fear or hype. We’re constantly bombarded with misinformation. Let’s turn off the noise and work with Barbie Boules to understand what you truly need to stay vibrant.


Retreat Instructors


Claire Mark, Chill Co-Founder / Co-Head of Teacher Training / Yoga + Meditation Instructor

If Chill believed in gurus, Claire would be our’s.  Claire was introduced to yoga and meditation 20 years ago in New York City and never looked back. Studying with the best senior teachers from Los Angeles to San Francisco, she landed in Chicago, where her classes enjoy a devoted following. She is dedicated to making yoga and meditation accessible to everyone, with a focus on being compassionate and kind toward all.  She is also a certified life coach, cookbook author, and a mom — all of which she couldn’t have done without the help of her daily meditation practice.


Darrell Jones, Chill General Manager / Co-Head of Teacher Training / Meditation Instructor

Darrell is Chill personified — his approachable and calming presence is appreciated by customers and students. As the Chill GM, he brings programming and curriculum development experience from his former position as program manager at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Darrell graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BA in Music and holds a Masters in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies.  His inspiration comes from the realization that in all philosophy, science, religions, and psychology, there is some element of meditation or contemplation to stimulate change and growth.


Gina Harris, Gong Immersion Instructor, Unity Dialogues Founder

Gina is an educator, peacemaker, and true architect of change. After 15 years in corporate life, she followed her passion and added a Masters of Teaching to her MBA. An internationally certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and a certified restorative justice practices facilitator and trainer, Gina founded Unity Dialogues, a circle process where students and adults learn from each other and grow from authentic, open dialogue about race and unity development. Gina has been teaching yoga and playing the gong for almost 10 years and practicing for 30. Her first Kundalini yoga class included the gong and all she could think was, "How do I get closer to that?!" She found an answer to that question and now facilitates the monthly gong sound meditation at Chill for a nearly-always-sold-out class.


Barbie Boules, RDN, CHC, Nyoutrition Founder

Just reading Barbie’s philosophy on her website makes any guilt over food choices melt away — “Food is simple pleasure. Nutrition can be complicated.” Barbie promises no deprivation and all food fits. By eating mindfully and intuitively, healthy habits can be created one day at a time. With over 15 years of professional experience, Barbie is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach.

Retreat getaway

Marina Grand Resort

Just 70 miles from Chicago, the Marina Grand Resort offers luxury accommodations within walking distance of Lake Michigan. Inspired by Scandinavian-modern design, every guest room has a patio or deck overlooking the New Buffalo Harbor. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, rooftop deck, coffee bar and market, and complimentary bike rentals. In your downtime over the weekend, you can enjoy sandy beaches, extensive local hiking trails, or exploring charming downtown shops.



  Svādhyāya Sport / Monika Dixon PR / Nikko Salgado

Svādhyāya Sport / Monika Dixon PR / Nikko Salgado

What to expect

What's included

  • Two nights stay at the Marina Grand Resort

  • Healthy breakfast and dinner each day (gluten-free and vegan options available)

  • Five meditation sessions led by Darrell Jones and/or Claire Mark

  • Two yoga sessions led by Claire Mark

  • Two sound meditations led by Gina Harris

  • Nutrition workshop led by Barbie Boules

What's not included

  • Travel to New Buffalo

  • Lunches


Marina View King

  • King bed

  • Fireplace

  • Outdoor patio seating

Single occupancy = $1,250

Marina View Double Queen

  • Two queen beds

  • Fireplace

  • Outdoor patio seating

Double occupancy = $900



Retreat schedule

Friday, November 2

  • Arrivals

  • Group meditation

  • Group introductions

  • Nutritional discussion

  • Group dinner

Saturday, November 3

  • Breakfast

  • Group meditation

  • Group walking meditation

  • Open lunch

  • Group meditation

  • Group yoga

  • Afternoon break

  • Integrated health discussion

Sunday, November 4

  • Group yoga

  • Breakfast

  • Group meditation

  • Departures


The fine print

Cancellations must be made by October 5th for full studio credit. Your credit may be applied to anything offered at Chill. Please email or call with any questions.