How modern meditation came to Chicago

The noise of the rush, the hurry.

The weight of the things you have to do, the places you need to be.

The overwhelming buzz of daily life.

You feel that, right?

We did too.

Life was getting pretty loud.
And we found ourselves looking for an escape from the chaos.

A place where our minds could take a break.

A place where we could slow down just enough to collect our thoughts
and leave a worry (or ten thousand) behind.

And just like that, Chill was born.

Calm and easy-going, Chill is an antidote to anxiety.
Modern meditation and massage.

No incense.
No chakras.
No dogmas.
No gurus.

Come in. Leave less stressed.

It’s good for you.


Our Mission

To make it a little easier for people to live less stressed, more mindful lives.

(We hope you’ll join us in the pursuit.)


Our Values

Quiet We believe in turning down the volume. In our brains and in our bodies, extra noise creates extra stress. Since we’re not big fans of extra stress, we keep our shouting to ourselves.
Ease If it isn’t easy, it’s hard. And since life is hard enough just as it is, we refuse to add even an ounce of extra weight to your daily routine. No need to get naked for a massage. No need to change into tight spandex for a meditation session.
Simplicity We believe less is more. Less noise, less stress, less rushing around like chickens without heads. We think everyone feels a little more human when things are made simple, clear, and easy.
Thoughtfulness At Chill, if it’s not done thoughtfully, it’s not done at all. From the way we design our classes to the products we carry on our shelves, we’ve considered everything. Nothing that doesn’t make this life a little better.