Fall Meditation + Wellness Retreat

November 1-3, 2019 | New Buffalo, Michigan


Life is crazy. Make time for calm. Find clarity amongst the clutter.

Do you find that your calendar is so jam packed with meetings, playdates, practices and appointments that you can hardly keep your days straight- let alone your head? How can you focus your time and energy when there is so much going on? It’s that time of year, again. The time to carve out dedicated, intentional time for yourself. Join us as we sift through the clutter to find clarity and purpose.

Paying attention in the moment is an art. Like any craft, mindfulness requires practice to hone your skills until it becomes second nature. You’ll work with Chicago’s top wellness experts to learn how to infuse mindfulness into everyday activities. This retreat will examine how we can refocus ourselves on what matters most to find clarity amongst the clutter.

This retreat is for anyone looking to create a little extra space to breathe and add more intention to their choices. Whether you’re kickstarting your meditation practice, are a zen expert, or fall somewhere in the middle, there’s a cushion waiting for you on our retreat.



Darrell Jones will infuse tangible mindful tools that you will be able to apply to everyday life. Intention setting, visualization, focused breathing, and movement are techniques you’ll use to strengthen your practice. You will find clarity by being present, understanding and refocusing your energy and sifting through what is and is not important.


Cari Rogers will lead classes to deepen the mind + body connection. The core of her class will be vinyasa yoga, focusing on alignment and moving in sync with your breath. Chose from Level I or Level II classes.

Sound Meditation

Karianne Wardell will lead you through crystal sound baths to regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system for an immediate release of tension. 


Scott Kramer will guide you through a journaling exercise. By finding your framework, you will identify clear goals and practice journaling techniques that will change your perspective and enhance the clarity in your life.




Cari Rogers

Cari works with people that want to heal on a deeper level and want long term results. She especially enjoys working with people with issues related to stress or inflammation and is inspired to share her experience with breathwork, mobility and abdominal massage. Cari’s 15 years of experience includes teaching and practicing meditation, yoga, anatomy, clinical assessments and kinesiology. She is also a licensed massage therapist and a founder of Tribe, a healing arts community and wellness incubator, in Chicago.


Darrell Jones

Darrell is Chill personified — his approachable and calming presence is appreciated by customers and students. As the Chill Meditation + Programming Director, he brings programming and curriculum development experience from his former position as program manager at the Old Town School of Folk Music. Darrell graduated from Kalamazoo College with a BA in Music and holds a Masters in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute of Consciousness Studies.  His inspiration comes from the realization that in all philosophy, science, religions, and psychology, there is some element of meditation or contemplation to stimulate change and growth.


Karianne Wardell

Qigong instructor and sound healer, Karianne leverages the elements of movement, breath and sound to cultivate a deeper connection within that elevates your energetic being. Combining her classical training as a vocalist with methods learned during her 20-year yoga practice, Karianne helps individuals discover new, untapped ways to relieve stress.


Scott Kramer

Scott Kramer has dedicated his writing to bringing the powers of light, love, and inspiration to the challenges of darkness, fear, and adversity. Inspired by his daughter Maddie, who was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at just two-and-a-half years old, Scott Kramer's writing is a ray of hope amidst the unimaginable (both in his self-published book, Maddie's Miracles: A Book of Life, as well as his Maddie's Miracles blog. Scott reminds us that, each and every day, no matter what challenges life may bring our way, we are all writing our own Book of Life.



Marina Grand Resort

Just 70 miles from Chicago, the Marina Grand Resort offers luxury accommodations within walking distance of Lake Michigan. Inspired by Scandinavian-modern design, every guest room has a fireplace and patio or deck overlooking the New Buffalo Harbor. Amenities include indoor and outdoor pools, a rooftop deck, coffee bar and market, and complimentary bike rentals. In your downtime over the weekend, you can enjoy sandy beaches, extensive local hiking trails, or exploring charming downtown shops.

What’s Included

  • Two nights stay at the Marina Grand Resort

  • Healthy breakfast + dinner each day (gluten-free + vegan options available)

  • Five meditation sessions led by Darrell Jones

  • Two yoga sessions led by Cari Rogers (Level I + II available)

  • Sound meditation led by Karianne Wardell

  • Journaling workshop led by Scott Kramer


What's Not Included

  • Travel to New Buffalo

  • Lunches


Before August 30:

  • Marina View Double Queen / Double Occupancy = $800 per person

  • Marina View King / Single Occupancy = $950 per person

After August 30:

  • Marina View Double Queen / Double Occupancy = $950 per person

  • Marina View King / Single Occupancy = $1250 per person


The fine print

Cancellations must be made by October 1, 2019 for full studio credit. Your credit may be applied to anything offered at Chill. Please email katy@chillchicago.com with any questions. Single people booking double occupancy rooms will be paired with other retreat individuals. If you are booking double occupancy and intending to room with a friend, please email to let us know.