The way we see it: massage isn't an indulgence.

It's part of a well-rounded wellness routine.

Our massages are designed for people on the go.

So you can swing by on your lunch break or between meetings.

And get a restful recharge without ever having to take off your clothes.

Chair Massage

The most luxurious chair massage you've ever had. Your neck, back, and arms will thank you.

20min / $35

35min / $50

$15 for 10 glorious extra minutes

Register online. Walk-ins welcome. Fully clothed service.

Table Massage

Sometimes we just need to stretch it out. There's still no-need-to-get-naked for our table massage, but all those important pressure points will get the attention they deserve.

40min / $60

60min / $90

Register online. Walk-ins welcome. Fully clothed service.

Shiatsu / Thai Massage

Looking for a deeper, full body stretch? Whether you call it Shiatsu or Thai, we call it a little bit-of-heaven. This massage combines pressure massage and assisted stretching in a close-contact, fully-clothed experience.

60min / $110

90min / $150

Register online. Walk-ins welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow movement, such as workout or yoga gear.


Meditation + Chair Massage Combo

Sometimes our brains just need a little extra care and compassion. Book a chair massage with one of our core classes for complete restoration of calm. Combos must be used on the same day by the same person.

Express recharge = one class + 20min chair massage / $50

Ultimate sanity = one class + 35min chair massage / $65

Massage Packages

Plan ahead to have your restful recharge ready when you are. Available for chair or table massage sessions so you can hit the reset button on your stress level any time you want.

Five 20min chair massages / $160

Five 40min table massages / $275


Let the good vibes roll. Reiki is an energy healing practice and relaxation technique that involves light touch and hovering hands to help balance your energy centers and bring you into alignment. We love this gentle and effective treatment to relax the body and the mind.

It’s Good For:
Balancing energies, promoting calm, relieving stress, and relaxing the body + mind.

45min Reiki / $70

75min Reiki / $115

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