Corporate Meditation Series

There's a reason companies like Google, Goldman Sachs, and Medtronic offer mindful meditation programs to their employees. It encourages innovation and teamwork, while reducing the mental and physical fatigue of our 24/7 work cycle.

Our corporate curriculum centers on productivity, creativity, collaboration, and overall stress relief. Personalized planning ensures your particular challenges or corporate culture are reflected throughout the course. Your employees leave with tangible mindful strategies designed for sustainable give-your-best-effort-everyday results.

Introduction to Meditation

It’s time to put our brain health in the “must do” instead of “would be nice to do” bucket. Research from institutions like Cornell and Harvard prove the benefits of consistent meditation — less stress, enhanced creativity, better teamwork, increased productivity. We’ll cover all of it and in the series opener, will start with the basics — our breath.


Goal-setting is futile without focus and motivation. Meditation reduces the power of negative thinking, increases the ability to prioritize, and enhances will power. All make you a better problem-solver who can easily dismiss constant distractions thrown in your way.


In the world of creativity, your brain is your most valuable tool. Calm, focus, clarity, and insights are important to your process. High-performing brains need to be exercised just like your body. Meditation helps you maintain your most precious resource.


Being a team player is easier said than done. With our face in a screen 24/7, it’s no wonder we’re out of practice when it comes to working together. Meditation encourages empathy, patience, and acceptance — all critical for listening, debating, and collaborating in the workplace.

Stress Relief

In our bodies and minds, extra noise creates extra stress. And extra stress leads to a whole bunch of issues from physical to mental, impacting our ability to give our best at work. Meditation reduces the noise and helps us maintain focus and perspective.

We offer either a four or six session customized curriculum. Spread them out weekly, monthly, or offer as an immersion course daily. Corporate employee memberships are also available for a discounted rate.