Chill Co™

Corporate Meditation + Wellness Programs


Chill Co is Chicago's go-to for employee mindfulness, emotional intelligence and wellness programs. Our team works with you to customize classes specific to your corporate culture and challenges.

Over 300 Chicago businesses have implemented our mindfulness-based programs, from small team-based events to on-going company-wide wellness initiatives.

Flexibility is a hallmark of our practice. We’re up for just about anything — location (our place or yours), course duration, and level of customization.

It’s always better to work through the details in person. You’ll get a sense of our wellness programming from the details below, but we’d love to connect directly. Email us or call the studio to learn more.


Just a few Chill Co clients


Client feedback about our corporate meditation programs

“I believe helping people practice seeing their mind more clearly will help every aspect of their work life. Meditation for me has helped ease stress and improve focus, both of which benefit everyone at work.” — Jon W., IDEO

“Practical advice for my job and easy to practice. I can totally integrate this into my daily routine. Wonderful!” — Katherine, Axiom

“Any preconceived notions you have of meditation are addressed and often dispelled. They use powerful imagery to display how your mind works when it’s meditating and how to deal with stress in everyday life.” — Simon A., BCG

“The visualization techniques were very effective. It was a great session with great direction to the group. I’m inspired to start and maintain a meditation practice.” — Erin S., Heitman

“ The meditation was awesome and our instructor was really great! I felt slightly uncomfortable when I initially sat down, but our guide addressed all those concerns and put me at ease very quickly. I was extremely impressed with the way he was able to communication with a large group — not an easy task to get thirty people to do something they don’t normally do in the office place.” — Brian L., Mesirow

“Great session. I always feel and think more clear-headed afterward.” — Jeff S., Expedia

“Thank you for allowing me to understand why my husband is so much more chill than I am. He meditates!” — Shawn M., GGP