Breath /

You know what’s great about your breath? Besides keeping you alive, we love its reliability. No matter where you go or what you do, it’s always right there with you. Using that handy, built-in constant as an anchor, these classes are rooted in the incredibly practical practice of paying attention to the present moment. 

It’s good for: focus, clarity, awareness, calm, emotional regulation.

Insight / 

Minds are question-asking, worry-spinning, loud-mouths. Left unchecked, thoughts noisily bounce around our heads all-day long –– interrupting, nagging, and speaking out of turn. These classes are designed to help you sort through the noise and become more aware of the thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that are consuming your brain-space. 

It’s good for: finding solutions for personal or professional challenges, sorting through issues, better self-awareness, self-reflection and creativity.

Rest /

Arianna Huffington said it first but we’ll happily say it again: sleep your way to the top. It’s indisputable that sleep is a vital ingredient for personal, relationship, and job success. But for most of us, it’s difficult to unwind. The anxiety of the day swirls through our pillow-resting heads, causing the dreaded toss and turn. These classes are designed to combat evening brain-spin. Offered only in the evening, they focus on deep relaxation and transition from stress to sleep (snoozing encouraged).

It’s good for: sleep, sex, maximum calm, an alternative to nighttime binge eating and sleeping pills, great dreams.

Yoga + Meditation /

Contrary to what our phones / bosses / media would have us believe, our brains actually work better focused on one thing at a time. But our brain and body? They work best moving together. 30 minutes of gentle yoga followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation. It’s the ultimate in mind + body connection.

It’s good for: your brain, muscles, heart and soul

Yoga /

The unique combination of physical and mental exercise that challenges us to move our bodies and minds in new ways. This class is appropriate for all levels, with a focus on mindfulness to carry with you outside the studio. Each class ends with guided meditation.

It’s good for: physically challenging both brain and body, creating flexibility.

Yoga2 /

Suitable for those of you with some yoga experience under your belt, this class takes everything one step further. Your poses and your concentration will all be stretched just a little past your comfort level.  Which is really how we make space to grow, isn’t it? Each class ends with guided meditation.

It’s good for: expanding minds and muscles, core strength, self-esteem (you did it!)