goop x CB2 x Chill


There’s something extra special that happens when like-minded brands and people join forces to expand upon our modern wellness lifestyles and goals together. We were excited to team up with CB2 and goop this September to lead meditations across the country. Chill representatives traveled to Los Angeles, Denver, and Minneapolis — and, of course, were in Chicago — to celebrate the goop x CB2 new furniture collaboration.

At the center of these workshops was the important connection between the mind, body and home. Chill was honored to work alongside these esteemed brands, rounding out this relationship through guided meditations and advice on modern wellness.

In Minneapolis, Chill meditation instructor Kelsey Merdian led a group of around 30 people through a 20-minute meditation focused on breath.

“About half the group was new to meditation, so it was great to introduce so many new people to the practice. What I found interesting was how many people had either heard of meditation but never tried it, or had tried it at home but didn’t know if they were doing it right.”

Chill representative Rosie Acosta guides a meditation at CB2 Los Angeles.

Chill representative Rosie Acosta guides a meditation at CB2 Los Angeles.

We love the opportunity to eliminate worries about meditating the “right way.” We hear questions like this often and our instructors are experts in guiding meditation newbies and zen experts alike. It was a pleasure taking Chill on the road and walking so many people through our modern meditation style.

Here in Chicago, Chill General Manager Darrell Jones led a larger group of about 70 participants though a meditation at the Lincoln Park CB2 store. With all the stimulation of a busy launch party,  Darrell noted that it was a great opportunity to use breath to anchor attention.

“Meditating in a public setting rather than a studio proved beneficial for everyone. People were able to see that practice done in a less formal setting can still be impactful.”

Much like many of you, we welcome any chance to incorporate a little more wellness into our homes. We’re thrilled to see other respected brands share these same goals and invest in bringing them to life. For our fellow Chicagoans, stop by to see our beautifully designed items to help you create your own calm + meditative space at home. Modern meditation. Modern wellness. It’s good for you.