Discovering the practice of you with Elena Brower

Wellness is one of those all-inclusive terms that can be open to interpretation. Now, we are big believers in being inclusive at Chill. But we’re also pretty specific about how we define wellness. We know — seriously, it’s been researched a ton — that meditation is key to maintaining a healthy mind. And a healthy mind leads to positive changes in so many other areas of your life. 

But how do we prepare ourselves for a meditative mindset? It takes practice, for sure. Some people like dim light, or soft music, or candles. There are other tools outside of these sensory cues, and writing is one of our favorites. Journaling enhances our meditation practice by helping us sort through all that noise racing around in our brains.

How to spark ideas that can be shared and sustained over time through journaling? Author / teacher / speaker Elena Brower is coming to Chicago to discuss just that. Elena is recognized internationally for her expertise in yoga and meditation practices that approach our world with realistic reverence. Join Elena at Chill on September 15th for a guided meditation, discussion and a signed copy of her new book, Practice You.


Practice You: Journaling Your Life

Journaling has granted me comfort for as long as I can remember. Even in the darkest nights of my soul, when the words eluded me, I’d copy others’ poems into my notebook for solace and guidance. Journaling has been my practice, the pages hold my prayers, and when I’ve had soul-stirring questions, my journals grant me at least partial answers, written by my past self to my present self.

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