4 Interesting Facts About CBD

People of all ages and all walks of life are experiencing higher rates of stress and anxiety, and CH/LL is in the business of helping people live less stressed and more mindful lives. From providing meditation classes seven days a week to offering quick and easy massages, we believe that chilling out is good for you. 

As we continue to explore new ways to deliver on our mission, we find ourselves intrigued by the CBD craze. From a recent and comprehensive article in The New York Times Magazine to details regarding Kim Kardashian’s CBD-themed baby shower, CBD is the hot topic. And, many people we trust have raved about its stress-relieving qualities.

Our friends say: “CBD helps me sleep better … CBD relieves my headaches … CBD helps curb my anxiety.” This language echoes the way people talk about meditation and got us cautiously curious.

Here are four facts about CBD that we find interesting:

CBD vs Marijuana

CBD (cannabidiol) is not the same thing as its cousin marijuana. Marijuana contains the psychoactive compound THC. CBD must contain less than 0.3% THC and doesn’t get you high, but it does have some remarkable medical effects. 

Stress + Anxiety

Studies suggest that CBD oil can relieve stress and anxiety. CBD has been shown to block brain receptors that receive warnings of anxiety and pain, thus resulting in a greater sense of calm. The New York Times Magazine article we mentioned helps to explain how CBD impacts stress, pain and other ailments: “The therapeutic magic of CBD … may come from the ways that, by tweaking the endocannabinoid system, they push the body away from disease toward the unruffled state scientists call homeostasis.” 

Inflammation + Pain

CBD has enabled people with inflammation and pain to find relief, without the use of prescription drugs. The fact that a naturally derived compound can have healing and pain-reducing effects similar to potentially addictive drugs has scientists (and us) interested. According to a recent article by Harvard Health Publishing, “CBD may offer an option for treating different types of chronic pain. A study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis.”

Side Effects?

There are very few reported side effects of CBD. According to a report from the World Health Organization: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential … To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” As The New York Times Magazine notes, “CBD is generally considered safe, even at the high doses (medically) tested so far — and the quantities in chocolates, teas and other edibles tend to be far below the concentrations tested experimentally.”

Because of these optimistic facts, we have been exploring the space and doing market research. Stay tuned if you’re interested in our progress. We’d also love to hear your thoughts, concerns, experiences and/or excitement about CBD. Please share them with us at info@chillchicago.com.